Columbia Expansion

The West Harlem Local Development Corporation recently distributed $2 million in grants, a year after my request for transparency led to a full investigation by the State Attorney General. Since then, I have been leading the effort to mobilize community residents, minority, women and local business enterprises (MWBE’s) and other stakeholders to hold Columbia University accountable for the $2.2 billion worth of jobs, scholarships, apprenticeships, schools, parks and other pivotal benefits it committed to via the Declaration of Covenants and Restriction which incorporates the Community Benefits Agreement that was signed by President Lee Bollinger in 2009.

The agreement committed Columbia to investing in our community and its people.  The university agreed to more than $2 billion in contracts to local and minority firms, union apprenticeship programs, education programs, preference to locals for new jobs and many other significant commitments that could have a long-term impact on Harlem. The university established ambitious goals for training and hiring local residents, awarding contracts to MWBE’s and additional education and financial support for Harlem and I am fighting to hold Columbia accountable for every dollar.

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