Vince Morgan is a beacon of light in New York politics.  He is a rarity today, a successful community banker and family man, who is standing up to challenge the political status quo that has failed to deliver for the majority of people that live in Harlem.  He says, “I simply grew frustrated with the current divisions in our community and want more people involved in the decision making process of how to allocate scarce resources and set priorities for the community.  By working together everyone moves forward.”

“I will work hard to bring our wonderfully diverse district together around common goals. I want to create opportunities for everyone and bring hope to those who feel they have been left behind.  The time for new ideas and renewed energy is long overdue.  New representation is needed that unites us all.  I will do the work required to move our beloved Harlem community forward.  Job creation, education investment and smart development are my priorities.”  Vincent Morgan

“For those seeking a change, they will find an excellent candidate in Vincent Morgan.”  The West Side Spirit, 2010

“He has the ambition and the drive to do well in New York City politics.  We believe Morgan will do well…” NY Amsterdam News, 2010

“Morgan embodies the new guard of Harlem politics: young, invigorated and anxious to tackle the slew of problems in Harlem.” The Columbia Spectator, 2010

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